Top 5 toursit attractions in the Seychelles

Top 5 toursit attractions in the Seychelles

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Going on a tropical holiday to the Seychelles and wondering what things there are to do outside your hotel? Well unlike some places that are more hotel-driven, the Seychelles is crawling with interesting tourist attractions making it one of the top tropical destinations to explore. Here are the top 5 things to do in the Seychelles.

The most beautiful beaches in the world

tropical-holiIf you’re looking for a tranquil and laidback type of holiday, Seychelles has arguably some of the best beaches in the world and guarantee to bring relaxation! On the island of Mahe alone there are over 65stunning beaches to choose from all with exquisite silver white sands, clear turquoise waters and the added bonus of being uncrowded, leaving only your footprints in the sand. The beautiful beaches alone will bring a sense of wonder to even the pickiest of travelers and are definitely worthy of praise to be the top attraction in the seychelles!

Island Hopping in the Seychelles

The Seychelles is made up of 115 of the world’s most beautiful islands, so choice is not limited if you decide to venture off the main island of Mahe, which is home to the international airport and the capital Victoria. There are 16 islands that currently offer accommodation ranging from 5 star luxuries to self catering guesthouses and rustic bungalows. Island hopping begins from Mahe and Praslin where there are plenty of ferries and plane charters that many use to spread their vacation over the islands to get the complete Seychelles package. These are also the base for exploration of the islands on island hopping day trips and excursions.

Two must-see tourist destinations are the island of Praslin, home to the magnificent Vallee de Mai forest and La Digue Island which is only a 30 min ferry ride from Praslin. At these top destinations you are transported back to days gone by with the Jurassic palm fronds of the forest reaching over you or in La Digue where the main forms of transport are still ox-wagon and bicycle.

tropical-holi2Vallee de Mai forest walks on Praslin

From Mahe a ferry can be taken to Praslin where the Vallee de Mai forest (a World Heritage Site) is located. This forest is so majestic that it was once believed to have been the Garden of Eden and is also the only place in world where the famous Coco de Mer palm grows. The reason for the infamy is that the Coco de Mer palm produces nuts, also known as the ‘forbidden fruit’ that have an uncanny resemblance to the female pelvic region.

The forest is also home to the endangered Black Parrot. Its distinctive cry can be heard in the overgrowth as you stroll through the ancient forest and only the very lucky catch a glimpse of this extremely rare bird.

The forest trail has an atmosphere that is magically primeval and takes about an hour non-stop.

Scuba diving in the Seychelles

SnorkelingThe Seychelles is certainly ranked as having some of the best dive sites in the world which makes it a top diving destination for any scuba enthusiast. The Seychelles has heaps to brag about with its stunning and diverse displays of marine life swarming around magnificent granite boulder formations which truly makes for aunique dive experience. Dive centers are normally located at the beach side hotels particularly on Mahe and Praslin and cater for both beginner and advanced scuba divers.

For those who prefer not to be delving below the water, snorkeling can also introduce you to the magical realm just beneath the waves. There are many whale shark tours that allow tourists to snorkel with the majestic animals and even a Marine Conservation program where you can join in with the monitoring activities directly. These trips are run every day when conditions allow from the end of August to the end of October and the encounter is without a doubt something not to be missed!

Sailing charters in the Seychelles

topical-holi4What better way to explore the strikingly unspoilt paradise of the Seychelles with its granite rock formations, stately palm trees, crystal clear waters and dazzling white sandy beaches than the same way the very first visitors to her shores did.

Seychelles is an all year round sailing location and offers some of the best sailing in the world. It has plenty of attractive anchorages, marine parks, nature reserves and remarkable snorkeling on the coral reefs, making your visit to the Seychelles a truly memorable one!

Hiring a yacht charter to sail the Seychelles islands is quite straightforward for any length of time, although usually for day trips, or longer vacation style trips for a week or fortnight. Whether your aim is to explore and be adventurous or if you prefer a more laid back and comforting approach to cruising the islands, the Seychelles has the perfect recipe for everyone. Almost any sailing vessel is available fromluxurious yachts and catamarans to boat charters with glass bottomed hulls to enjoy the marine life scurrying below your wake for the day.

Yacht charters can be hired together with experienced local crews who take all the hard work out and navigate to all the hidden nooks whilst you sit back and enjoy the gorgeous views the Seychelles has to offer. And for the more experienced and adventurous sailor there are also“bareback yacht charters” available for hire.