Spend Your Next Holiday in Mauritius

Spend Your Next Holiday in Mauritius

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If you want to experience an island holiday with white sandy beaches, balmy weather, warm ocean water and palm trees swaying gently in the tropical breeze then make Mauritius your next holiday destination. This idyllic paradise is one of the most popular family holiday andhoneymoon destinations due to its stunning surrounds, mild climate, friendly locals and luxury accommodation. Read on to find out more about the Isla-Mauricia before planning your next luxury beach holiday.

The island of Mauritius is situated just off the south eastern coast of Africa, and east of Madagascar. It was first discovered by the Portuguese in the early 1500s, but it wasn’t inhabited until 1598 when the Dutch began using it as a port of call after many months at sea. It was later abandoned by the Dutch and then taken over by the French in 1715, and remained under French rule until 1810 when it was captured by the British. Mauritius gained its independence in the 1960s and has remained an independent country ever since.

The climate in Mauritius is described as tropical and is characterised by sunny weather and warm temperatures all year round. The eastern side of the island is also exposed to cool trade winds, which bring somewhat more rainfall to this area. Although there is little difference between the seasons, summer lasts from November to April, with an average temperature of 28°C along the coast, and strong winds and heavy rains during January, February and March. Winter lasts from May to October and is generally sunny and dry with an average temperature of 22°C by the coast. Winter is generally considered the best time to visit Mauritius as rainfall is occasional and even though skies may be overcast, the temperatures are still pleasant.

There are a number of luxury resorts and 5 star hotels in Mauritius where you can enjoy comfortable, opulent accommodation, personal service, peace and tranquillity, fine dining and myriad things to do. Many of the island’s resorts offer accommodation in private chalets and bungalows, so whether you are enjoying your honeymoon or a family holiday in Mauritius, peace and privacy is assured. Many of the hotels are part of international chains and groups that are renowned for their exceptional hospitality. Think of the big names such as Shandrani,Paradis, Dinarobin, Royal Palm and more; all of which guarantee superb accommodation and an exceptional experience.

Whether you are in Mauritius for a romantic honeymoon, to escape the bustle of daily life or on a family holiday, you will find plenty of things to do. Being situated in the tropics, the ocean water is pleasantly warm and visitors of all ages can enjoy taking a dip in the gentle waters. Snorkelling, surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, waterskiing and scuba diving are usually offered by the hotels. Mauritius is also renowned as a golf holiday destination boasting challenging courses, immaculate greens and stunning views of the Indian Ocean. If you wish to make golf the main feature of your holiday there are plenty of golf-based holiday packages to Mauritius that are ideal for the novice and the professional golfer.

If you prefer to do a little sightseeing when visiting another country then you may be interested in the Pamplemousse Gardens. Situated in Port Louis, it is home to some of the rarest species of plants and trees, beautiful architecture and a large pond filled with water lilies. The Chamarel Sands are another popular tourist attraction – mineral rich volcanic ash in a seven different colours form this magnificent landscape. Nature lovers can enjoy long leisurely hikes through the island’s lush tropical forest and admire the waterfalls, gorges, and rare plant and bird species that it contains.

It would be a shame to travel to this charming island and not explore its diverse heritage. There are many marketplaces around the island where visitors can meet the locals, purchase locally made clothing and crafts, and sample indigenous cuisine. With cultural influences from Europe, India, China and Kreol you can enjoy a variety of food and drinks. Seafood also features predominantly on the island’s menus and is usually grilled or baked. Those wanting more exotic fare can try Carri Sauve Souris (also known as the Bat Curry), Octopus Vindaloo (octopus in mustard seed sauce and turmeric) or wild boar in a curry sauce.

So if you want an exotic vacation on a tropical island then consider Mauritius. Contact Tropical Holidays for more information on Mauritius holiday packages and bookings.