Mauritius – The Tropical Island just off South Africa

Mauritius – The Tropical Island just off South Africa

Icon September 23, 2016
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Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island situated in the Indian Ocean just 2400km off the east coast of South Africa. The proximity is one of the main reasons so many people from this country visit the island for a holiday. They can enjoy exotic vacations without having to travel halfway across the world.

The island is volcanic in origin and measures 1,865 square kilometres. Except for the south coast, it is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs which are home to colourful marine life. One of the activities that you must try while enjoying your Mauritius holiday is to go snorkelling or scuba diving at the reefs to see the magical underwater world for yourself.

Mauritius is situated in the tropics so it experiences only two seasons: a hot season from November to April, and a warm season from May to October. The average temperature during the day is a pleasant 25°C and a mild 13°C at night. As it is near the equator, the sea temperature is also pleasantly warm so visitors can go swimming, surfing and water skiing at any time of the year.

The Mauritius island offers a diverse cultural experience as it has been under the rule of both France and Britain. You will also find influences from other nationalities including Hindu, Creole, Muslim and Chinese. As well as their cultural and religious influence, each of these brings with it its own gastronomic influence, so your taste buds can expect a feast of flavours when savouring the local cuisine in Mauritius.

There is a wonderful selection of luxury Mauritius hotels and resorts that offer an exceptional stay. Whether you are travelling solo, going on a family holiday or planning your Mauritius honeymoon, the island caters for all accommodation needs. If you prefer self-catering in a beach bungalow for the ultimate island experience or staying in a bed and breakfast venue, there are plenty to choose from. Contact your travel agent to arrange your trip to Mauritius and experience this tropical island for yourself. It is Just Mauritius at its best.