Fishing in Seychelles

Fishing in Seychelles

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Fishing in Seychelles caters to all levels of fisherman, from novices to experienced fishing experts seeking a new challenge. Improved conservation efforts ensure that all recreational fishing is sustainable, and that fishing is only done in certain areas. Many marine species are protected within the islands marine reserves, to ensure a more eco-friendly approach in terms of fishing tourism. Aside from dedicated fishing tours, fishing options range from fly-fishing to big game fishing, traditional fishing and even night fishing to name but a few. A diversity of fish found in the rich waters across the islands makes for a thrilling Seychelles fishing experience.

fishngoneSeychelles Fishing Highlights

Whether you are a new fisherman wanting to make your first catch, or an experienced fisherman seeking to explore new challenges, you are sure to find a range of options to consider. Some of the top Seychelles fishing highlights to choose from include the following:

  • Big game fishing – the fish-rich waters that surround the Seychelles islands offer the chance to catch large game fish such as wahoo, sailfish, dorado, tuna, rainbow runner and even trophies such as marlin. This trip is not for the faint-hearted, but if you seek adventure and action, you are sure to enjoy the excitement of catching a massive game fish.
  • Traditional bottom-fishing – as a traditional approach to fishing in Seychelles, this adventure not only offers the chance to learn more about the island lifestyle, but also allows you to catch fish such as coral fish, grouper, job fish, snappers and emperors.
  • Salt-water fly-fishing – the Outer Islands are ideal for fly-fishing, with many species such as silver bonefish to be found. Combing the peaceful meditation of casting your reel with the fresh sea breezes of Seychelles, this option is ideal for all levels of fisherman. Blue water fly-fishing is also on offer, with many pelagic species to be found.
  • Night fishing – if you are seeking something beyond the usual experience, night fishing is sure to provide plenty of thrills. Here you will have the chance to find pickhandle barracuda and other species.

What Else Should You Know About Fishing in Seychelles?

  • Fishing can be enjoyed all year round – the rainy season runs between December and March, with strong seas that could affect fishing tours.
  • You do not need a license for recreational fishing – you can also rent equipment in your nearest town if you do not have your own.
  • Always ensure that you book through reputable operators – you should also be sure that you are fishing in non-protected areas.

Whatever level of experience you may have, fishing in Seychelles provides one of the most popular activities to enjoy on the islands.