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Whether in pursuit of sport or leisure, culture or cuisine, excitement, relaxation or exotic vacations … you will be captivated by the extraordinary mix of friendly people, the intoxicating fragrances, luxurious beach resorts and the finest hospitality which the Indian Ocean Islands offer – Islands that we at Tropical Holidays will help you to discover and enjoy time and again.


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4* Kena Beach Hotel Zanzibar 2

price R16 735

4* Solana Beach Resort Mauritius

price R20 030

3* Lux* Merville Beach Mauritius

price R17 401

4* Lux* Tamassa Mauritius

price R29 595

5* Lux* Le Morne Mauritius

price R30 367

5* Karafuu Beach Resort Zanzibar ~

price R20 920



For excellent service and definitely going the extra mile – thank you Tropical Holidays for unbelievable service!

Bernice Jones – Johannesburg



Great service from start to finish. Easily booked the options I preferred and Tropical Holidays was very informative, making sure I understood the offerings. Thank you Sonia for the quick and helpful responses. I always appreciate an efficient operation that gets things done.

Theuns Smuts – Balitho



What an Awesome Holiday, Le Victoria was fantastic. So happy that we booked through Tropical Holidays. It gave me peace of mind to know we were in good hands with an operator that had first-hand knowledge of where we were going and what to expect. Everything on our trip was effortless and the rooms you recommended were just what you promised – great views, close to the beach with amazing privacy despite being part of a huge hotel. Thanks Again

Pieter – Cape Town



We decided that April 2016 would be our first overseas holiday as a family. I stumbled upon Tropical Holidays online and Sonia and I started emailing and eventually talking. I was amazed how creative we got together. Moving from resort to resort and playing around with flight times to ensure we have the maximum island time on our day of arrival and day of departure. After a couple of rounds of “this one, ..no, this one” we made our booking.
24 hours before our departure, I couldn’t find my passport! I made peace with my situation and convinced myself I only had two options. The first, cancel the trip and move it to June. The second, send the family on a dad-less holiday. I phoned Sonia to help me expedite option one and two. She was awesome. She calmed me down, traced my steps with me, brought some logic to my illogical situation. While I started looking in areas she suggested Sonia worked on option one and two. Long story short we found the passport, went to Mauritius and option three prevailed. Great trip! I had my follow up call from Sonia after the trip and we chatted up a storm … and Sonia has a customer for life.

Etienne Ernst – Johannesburg



It is easy to run out of adjectives when attempting to describe the natural beauty of the small tropical Indian Ocean island paradise of Mauritius. The volcanic island Republic, covered with lush forest, streams and waterfalls, and fringed with palms, dazzling white sands and teeming coral reefs, lies east of Madagascar just south of the Equator. Mauritius, covering just 720 square miles (1,864 sq km), is the archetypal dream destination for an idyllic holiday, equipped with modern resorts that have been carefully developed to preserve the island’s beauty and ecology.

Mark Twain is quoted as having said that ‘Mauritius was made first, then heaven was copied from it’, and anyone who has experienced the island would no doubt agree with him.

Along with its natural beauty Mauritius has a valuable tourist resource in the warmth and friendliness of its multi-cultural population. Since being officially ‘discovered’ in 1505 by the Portuguese, the island has been occupied by the Dutch, the French and the British. All have added to the melting pot that constitutes the island’s human heritage, along with injections of African slaves, Arab traders and Chinese indentured labourers over the centuries.

Most of the tourist resorts are situated along the 205-mile (330km) coastline, with the capital Port Louis, on the west coast, being the centre of operations for most visitors. The bulk of the population, however, reside on the central plateaux around Curepipe, the island’s other major town.

Although everyone who visits Mauritius comes for the sandy beaches and blue lagoons, most are delighted to discover that the island has plenty of other attractions too, from some of the world’s rarest stamps to the first ever race course to open in the southern hemisphere. Of course no holiday would be complete, either, without good food and entertainment. Mauritius offers both, with some delicious local cuisine that makes use of tropical fruits and vegetables, and the chance to learn the island’s indigenous wild dance, the Sega, which originated among the African slaves of yore. Mauritius is the perfect holiday destination for anyone who wants to experience a true tropical beach holiday.

Tropical Holidays has hand picked the best Resorts in Mauritius,so you don’t have to,and only specialise in Beachcomber Hotels.You can therefore have the peace of mind that you will experience the best value in what Mauritius has to offer. – Tropical Holidays is proudly a division of Flight Specials www.flightspecials.co.za



3* Veranda Paul & Virginie Mauritius

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